Friday, February 10, 2006

On the divide between Brighton and Hove , this monument is known as the Peace Statute - it celebrates the reign of King Edward VII.

Given my post about the Grand Hotel earlier in the week - I thought I'd better focus on more peaceful issues ;)

(I couldn't resist taking this photo into direct sunlight to get the lens flare- this was another early morning shot with the sun low in the sky)

It was erected in 1912 and takes the form of an angel of peace holding an orb and an olive branch. The main seafront road passes the statue, and its size makes it impossible to miss.

The famous local artist Philip Dunn (this link to a painting shows what the west pier looked like before the fire) painted the peace statue under snow and can be seen by clicking here.

When we first moved to Brighton we had a pad just opposite this statue - so I have a soft spot for it. It marks the divide between Brighton and Hove, now it just marks the spot where I turn back towards Hove lawns, quiet and "grown up" life - whereas before it marked the point where I turned back to the bright lights and hustle & bustle of pubs and clubs!

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Sitting here writing this - I'm suddenly all hungry - especially when you see these pizzas in rome