Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Royal Pavillion - Brighton

This one I took some time ago of the Royal Pavillion. It opened to the local residents recently for no charge and we took the opportunity to have another look around. You forget just how spectacular the place is and just how much of a folly it became.

Apparently Queen Victoria didn't like the place very much as it was very much on show to the public and she sold it back to Brighton and Hove - this was after stripping the place bare of it's wealth and ornaments.

Apologies for the poor photoshopping and smeared edges - I'll try to get better at capturing images in their natural state.

Posted by Dean Harvey


  1. Hello Dean and welcome to the family! There is almost one new city daily photo blog everyday now, this is very cool.

    I look forward to seing your photos. I just love Brighton.

  2. Look what you started you see.....

    Thanks for the linkback....

  3. Hey! Just found your new blog from Paris Daily Photo! I'm so excited! I love Brighton and there's so much for you to photograph. Good luck!

  4. Thanks Michael - Just waiting for a bit of sunshine here so I can get the camera out!

  5. Hi Dean! Welcome!! Looking forward to all your photos!