Sunday, February 05, 2006

The West Pier - Brighton. Ravaged by fire in March 2003 and then again in May of the same year. The west Pier is now quite a sorry state. There's some great pics here.

As a defiant last bastion there was a small kiosk that remained on the pier for nearly 18 months. You can see the kiosk in this picture as it was taken in early December. The small kiosk on the east side fell to gales on 10th December 2005.

The west pier has now been abandoned by the Heritage Lottery Fund and English Heritage.

Fresh photos start from tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Dean,
    You're now linked to my site. I will make sure to check you newly daily blog about Brighton. What happened to the West Pier, accident or voluntary incident ?

  2. Thanks Karine.....The police never found out - it was suspected arson as the BBC article suggests.

    No-one wants to take responsibility for it now :(

  3. Gosh that pier is huge !! I just doubled click on the picture. I still wonder how the structure maintained itself so well, especially after 2 consecutive fires...

  4. Hi, Dean, and welcome aboard! drop me an Mail and I'll point you to the Wiki I set up to maintain "daily photo" links.

  5. Dean, these are great shots and the larger versions are even better. Something I remember was how the beach was all stones. Being from Florida, I couldn't understand how people could lay out on them...ouch.

    Ham...what's a "wiki" or is that personal?

  6. Welcome to the "family", Dean! :) Glad to link to you on TrierDP!

  7. Great photos. You have a very different light from us up here. Makes for some dramatic skies!

  8. Hi Dean ! Ewan is right, you have a different light from us up here...
    Very nice pics! Of course you're now in my links!