Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"Underneath the arches" as the song goes. This area of Brighton is now reknowned for such nefarious activity as joy riding, burning and racing - it's a long stretch of road that has become a problem for the police - hence the ballards as you see. This is the bit between the town and the marina and I do not know (sorry) why this series of arches was ever built. Perhaps I'll google it!


  1. Brighton looks glamorous and gritty at the same time, the past very much alive.. and your eye picks out some very cool spots...

  2. cheers for linking me mate! i can imagine that would be the boy-racer track. is there a walkway above the arches?

  3. those arches look pretty nice with the street lamps.

  4. Hi

    Luggi - yes it's a bit surreal
    Brian & Lucy - it can be a bit gritty at times, well spotted.
    grant - yes there's a walkway - i hear at night it can get a bit lively
    lisi - there's so much about brighton thats pretty