Sunday, April 02, 2006

Coming back from holiday is RUBBISH! As demonstrated here by our refuse collectors (shown just outside the lanes).

Firstly a big thank you to Ham over at LondonDP for looking after the website whilst I was away skiing.

I hope you enjoyed the pub series last week (in black and white) - I think this one got the most visitors.....

Holiday pics can be viewed by clicking here Dean's Family Hols.

Seriously though - it's good to be back, I'll be out later taking snaps of Brighton for publication this week.........

PS I'll also update all the links later today - welcome to all new DP'ers


  1. Welcome Back! And the B&W series was wonderful.

    So, rubbish trucks and bins look the same around the world. The look exactly the same here in KL.


  2. I didn't know it was a pub series. I was worried. Where did you go skiing?

  3. welcome back--hope you had a good time!!
    I was going to post a 'bin men' pic tomorrow--think I will have to save it now!

  4. they look the same as what we have here. The color is different I think, I havent noticed. Welcome back!