Thursday, July 20, 2006

Enjoying an ice cream in the sun on Brighton Beach!


  1. Hi Dean!

    LOVE this shot of these little guys! Awwwww, how sweet...looks like they're staying as cool as possible! I could really go for an ice cream and a swim right now too--it's about 95 degrees out! WHEW!

    I think global warming is starting to really apply..the more I check out everyone's DP!

    Take care, great shots!

  2. sweet, and wonderful image :)

  3. Very sweet image!

    Brighton Beach has very different connotations for us in the US. It is an infamous beach in New York with a lot of history.

  4. Brings back my summer holidays as a child -- wearing what were then called "sand shoes"—illogically—to protect my feet from the stoney beaches!

  5. Kids with ice cream always make a great subject. Now, I feel like having ice cream; see what you've done.