Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Brighton Pavillion taken at night. Winter's just descended here in the UK, just from Weds morning onwards we've been sub three degrees.

Lots of activity in the UK tonight and tomorrow as we celebrate bonfire night - I'll try to catch a pic of some fireworks and post them tomorrow.

I have a very excited 4 yr old, we've bought our fireworks and sparklers all ready to go......whizzzz, bang! Posted by Picasa

Very close to here is a town called Lewes - they go completely bonkers on bonfire night - see Lewes Bonfire Society for details of why.....


  1. Bonfires can be quite wonderful to gather round on a cool night - but I really dislike the idea of celebrating the burning of martyrs.

  2. oh, that is a majestic structure!