Friday, November 17, 2006

Christmas Decorations In Brighton

Taken from the archives I'm afraid today as I've been laid up in bed with a bout of "man flu" and tonsilitus!!

This shot is taken from North Road in Brighton of our new decorations which were switched on this week by Holly Willoughby. For a full story read here.

Back in 2004 Brighton's seasonal display was voted the the worst in the country. Posted by Picasa


  1. Man flu... sigh.... is it a sniffle ? if you feel really rough then i'm sorry ! best wishes for speedy recovery.
    Lights are up too early! I've got a bit of a rant about it at my blog.

  2. The worst in the country, what a disastrous record ! Have they changed anything since and is this part of the new improvements ?

  3. It always seem gloomy when one is ill but the sky in your photo is a brilliant blue. Perhaps looking over the Christmas decorations toward that color will stimulate your recovery. Get well soon.