Sunday, November 19, 2006

Clifton Terrace, Brighton

Clifton Terrace in Brighton. A desirable address in Brighton sitting up on the hill in front of the station.

I first heard about Clifton Terrace in a book called "Breakfast in Brighton", not about bed and breakfast in Brighton, but about an artist living on the seafront and intertwined with a story behind a painting also entitled "Breakfast in Brighton". Googling a quick search I found this neat feature on you can preview some of the book here. The author is Nigel Richardson.

Reading his biog I also found out he's a Woverhampton Wanderers FC fan. A little galling as they managed to sneak a late goal against my own team Birmingham City FC yesterday denying us the win. You can read the match report here on the BBC.

I'm still laid up with the earache and man flu at the moment so this is an archive photo. (aaah poor Dean!) Posted by Picasa


  1. You have very interesting photos on your blog!

  2. I love these solid, comfortable and stylish looking houses. I want one! Good shot - like the perspective.

  3. Have good memories of Brighton when we visited some time ago, must get those photos out again, the pier, pebbles etc, not beach time of the year tho

  4. Brighton has some outstanding views across the bay.

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