Sunday, December 17, 2006

Name that Bear

Just outside the italian restaurant "Donatello's" in the laines is this Polar Bear made from Xmas lights.

The Argus local newspaper - are running a competition to "Name that Bear"

I'll take your suggestions and enter the best one... Posted by Picasa


  1. oo...the first word i thought is "fluffy"!!
    ok, my choice is fluffy!!

    have a nice sunday.

    shanghai daily photo

  2. Looks like this bear belongs in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Many people there have white bears like this in their yards. As for a name? Hmmmmmm..... sorry I'm not feeling creative. How about "Minnesota"? haha

  3. How about "Orso?" It means "bear" in Italian and sounds kind of like "icy."

    ...if you use your imagination..