Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sackville Hotel in Hove

This is all that's now left of what was a rather splendid hotel, in it's day, The Sackville Hotel.
Last April it's roof caved in and the building was rendered unsafe. Later that year the whole hotel collapsed, and now is reduced to this pile of rubble, a great brighton photo!

According to all the hotel booking websites you can still book a room there, but I'd advise against it.

Here's a photo of the hotel in it's glory days
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  1. What a shame - is there plans to try to recreate something like it, or will it be all glass and concrete? I found a few other sites where you can still add this hotel to the itinerary, too. Imagine the surprise of arriving at Brighton from the other side of the world if one did not read your blog!

  2. A very sad end to a great looking & historic building.

    Methinks it was done on purpose, either for the insurance, land more profitable as housing. It happens a lot now, mysterious fires etc. Another example of corporate greed.