Monday, January 15, 2007

Black and white (B&W) week

Posted by PicasaKicks off here with this shot taken today from behind the King Alfred Leisure centre in Hove. I know you should always ask permission to take a photo, but I didn't want to wake the guy on the left ;). There's a wonderful symetry to this shot and it works really well in black and white.
Which kicks off a week in Black and White for this Brighton Photos site.
ALSO: Some help needed, I'm thinking of getting the Canon 400D - anyone got one, and recommend it?
ALSO ALSO: My learned colleague Jim Byford suggested that I may invite people to "guest" post on this site (which I think is a wonderful idea) - so if you'd like to post as a guest on the site please contact me (you need to post Brighton Photos of course!)


  1. hi! just stumbled on your photoblog. great photo - excellent composition/framing. with an increase in contrast, it might look even more dramatic.

    the 400d is one of my cameras and i highly recommend it as a light, portable digi slr. also, canon lenses are absolutely fantastic so you could go really far with this camera.

  2. Great shot, I love B&W.

    I was looking at the 400d, and the Nikon D80. In the end I went for the Nikon D40 as I am a real beginner and it is so user friendly.

    I think you can't go far wrong with any of those.

  3. I'm looking forward to black & white week & really like this photo. May I post photos from Brighton, Michigan, USA?

  4. I can do some photo posts from time to time from my archive of brighton images if that counts...

    Here is one from yesterday afternoon

  5. Very nice Dean! Nice couple of pairs! LOL!;)

  6. This is a very nicely composed shot. Has a very nice and warm feeling

  7. You are so wonderful - can you email me your brighton photo's (US or UK) to and I'll put them up asap....thank you all...

  8. There's a warmth to this shot afforded by the human interaction with the viewer whilst the clarity of composition and tone keep it aesthetically distant. Sorry - in short, I think it's great!