Thursday, February 22, 2007

Coffee Shop

Just around the corner from where I live they opened this little coffee shop, It's been a raging success especially with all the Mum's (it's opp. the local school)

Portland Rd is a mish mash of all sorts of weird shops, including a Greek souveneir shop and a Dive School!

The one shop it doesn't have though is a bakery - perhaps a business idea!
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  1. In the Netherlands a coffee shop never means it's actually a coffee shop.
    Nice to see in some places it is.
    ps; love the pier photo of yesterday.

  2. excellent in black and white!

  3. there was a bakery on Portland Road (sort of opposite and slightly west of Syds bikes) up until about 8 years ago.

    It was run by an old couple and they used to mix and bake the bread on the premesis each day. The ovens were a part of the shop and it was great to see the bread actually being prepared and buy it virtually straight out of the ovens.

    There was a butchers opposite that went about the same time.

    A lot of the local businesses call Portland Road 'bankrupts alley' due to the rapid turnover of occupants in the shops.

    Good old West Hove Sainsbury's :-(