Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Night time shot of Hove.

The street where I live.

Experimenting with night time shots can be a tortuous affair, this one however I really like. This is the street where I live in Hove!

Clearly I should get out more, just finding the time to get around Brighton at the moment is difficult with so much time spend working in London and a few trips abroad.
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  1. Happy Valentines Day from Quito! I don’t think I have ever been to your site before. Hope you're feeling better than you were earlier in the week.

    Looks like you live in a cozy neighborhood.


  2. What a lovely street.
    I am quite happy in my own house but this makes me really jealous!

  3. This wouldnt happen to be Coleman Avenue? I think I grew up in the house from which you took the photo!

  4. Dean, in case you don't want to reply to my first comment directly on the web, this is my email address:
    (I'm not an internet loony, just a homesick ex-Brightonian (actually Hovian)).