Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Massive cold snap

We've been experiencing a return to winter here down on the south coast - biting winds, freezing temperatures and some snow!!!!

This shot of the impressive building at Hove Lawns looks cold and uninviting which is pretty much how we're feeling here too..........

Brighton Daily Photo will be off air until Sunday as I'm away again on conference in Poitiers, France.

So if there's anyone with any brighton shots you can send over - I'd be happy to publish them.


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  1. Hiya nice shot sent some photos via post to deans place. I only have a moby so can t send any other way enjoying your blog gets me to brighton everyday .More of the grand old lady would be good as i have a feeling she won't last much longer.Have a good wkend look forward to mondays photo.

  2. That does look chilly. What building is it?

  3. Hi Dean, enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed your talk about your blog (and other stuff!) in Poitiers. Well done, I'll visit more.
    marc from siblu