Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vegetarian Shoes?

This is a stock shot from my library as I was away on business today in Cardiff.

Run by Robin Webb down on Gardner Street in the North Laines, Vegetarian Shoes have been going since 1990.

Robin reports that he no longer has to make the shoes himself, which is good as there's a worldwide order book and I know they're very popular in Brighton....
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  1. LOL.

    are they made of vegetables? or only vegetarians can buy and wear them :-)

    good shot!

  2. Wow, you really do learn something new every day...
    Must say, I've never come across a carnivorous shoe though - hopefully I never will, could leave me toe-less.

  3. Loved the photograph on the Extra website of the windswept seafront - thrilled the cockles of an old Brightonians heart.

    Couldnt leave a comment there without a password.

    All the best, Paul