Friday, April 13, 2007

Environmental Services

Making sure Brighton and Hove is a nice clean place to live and visit - this street cleaner caught my eye - only because he was smoking and I've given up smoking recently (3 weeks) he looks like he's really enjoying a long puff on that cigarette :(
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  1. I like your photograph for all the human qualities it generates. It reminded me that I still suffer from smoking for 47 years. I was hooked on cigarettes when the Army gave them to us, free, in our C-rations. Then when I was out I continued smoking. It ruined my lungs, gave me heart disease and now I struggle to get my breath. So, you were doing the right thing when you quit smoking three weeks ago. You should have reminded this gentleman he is in trouble with the angels for smoking. Besides that, in this country, a carton of cigarettes runs about $48.00 US Dollars for Marlboro.

  2. A necessary service. So often people in these jobs are put down or invisible, but where would we be without the garbos and cleaners of the world?