Monday, April 02, 2007

Mae West's Lips

I don't think this is the original - but down at our great museum we have this lovely Salvaor Dali "Mae West's Lips" sofa. Anyone know where the original is?
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  1. It's in Catalunya, the original Salvador Dali museum. In a room where the whole lay-out depicts her face.


  2. What a great couch :)

    ~Lisa in Quito

  3. Yes thats right - in Figueras, where they have made the theatre into a Salvador Dali museum - 20 years ago, On Thursdays I used to take the coach day trips there when I was a courrier at la Sirene, Dean , and then onto Estartit campsite - what a memory - I went back to the museum last October and these lips are great stuff still even 20 years on - Dali still looks avant guarde - what must he have been thought of when he created all his stuff!!