Monday, April 16, 2007

New stuff on the seafront

Down at the Volks railway mid-way station on Madeira Drive there's a new set of facilities, Beach football, volleyball and a bar with kids sandpit felt like a welcome relief from the crowds today as the temperatures soared to 25degrees C in Brighton.....sweltering!!!
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  1. Many years ago we visited Brighton in early July. The sand was all pebbles. You show nice white sand, did we go to the wrong part of the beach? I do remember that we saw a bill board that warned us the nudes were to the east. I wanted another sweater and a heavy towel for setting on the pebbles. We did think very highly of Brighton.

  2. Ah! You spotted the deliberate trap! You're absolutely right, Brighton does only have pebbles on it's beach - however in this little complext they have shipped in sand for the volleyball and football pitch - there's even a little play area for kids to build sand castles etc etc. It's fenced off from the main beach and is only accessible from the main road. (I think you have to buy drinks or be using the facilities to enter).