Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sarah leaves The Argus

My wonderful wife Sarah Harvey, after many devoted years, is leaving her job as promotions manager at The Argus today.

I know you'll all wish her well - in fact, why don't you leave her a comment by clicking on the "comments" button below......
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  1. Hi sarah,love checking this page every day it keeps me in touch with brighton wishing you all the best for the future in whatever you are doing diane

  2. Well, here is to "retirement" or whatever it might be that you are doing or going to do. I do not know what the Argus is. So I wonder what you are leaving to go for. Anyway, as instructed, "Good luck."

    I took some rainy-day photographs, yesterday, that are very unusual. You might be interested in seeing them.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  3. Whatever reasons took you to leave, Good Luck and many good wishes for future !!!

  4. Good Luck Sarah! I wish you an easy transition at your new job. Retirement? Impossible, she looks young and pretty, mid-thirties at most.

    Abe, I believe the Argus is a local newspaper; she has a copy on her hands.

    Sarah, good luck in your new job and keep the wonderful smile!

  5. Good luck Sarah!

    Sorry for my mistakes... I'm not English. Sometimes I came here just to read something "real" in English or just to see beautiful photos!!!

    See you and boa sorte (good luck in portuguese)!!!!

  6. thanks for all your kind comments

    to clear a few things up - Sarah's leaving full time work to become a full time mum! She's got her work cut out.....

    Age - now that would be telling wouldn't it!!!!

    Thanks again for your great comments

  7. she's a tad too young to retire so I suspect she is moving on to another adventure? Best wishes in any regards!

  8. Hey, that's funny, I supply news bags to the Brighton Argus, does your wife know Rosemary Cole or Alan Cooper in Circulation?

    It is funny to see Abe here as well who sometimes visits my blog along with his wife Patty ... hello Abe!

    Love your saturation photo of the pier.

    Keep up the good work!