Monday, April 09, 2007

Wish you Were Here.....

Bank Holiday Monday is here - and I'm off out in the sunshine today - starting off with a trip out on the boat (pics to follow later!)

So pull up a deckchair and watch the world go by.

PS: Just got news that I won a digital radio in a BBC Radio 6 competition - hurrah!
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  1. Wish i was there nice pic!

  2. well done with winning the digital radio.

    I've just done a piece about a friend of mine from Brighton at so put in a link to Brighton DP while I was at it.

  3. The water is so calm in that shot. Looks like summer is on the way!

  4. Great pics Dean, actually this is a follow up to "Ackworth Born" ref The Entertainer in Brighton (strange that I find your Brighton Photo Blog via Cheshire!)

    I was trying to email you but could not find a contact point on your blog, but take a look at & email contact via - subject = mutual Brighton interest :-)

  5. Top notch, Mr H - that definitely captures the mood of the weekend. Here's to the next Bank Holiday - hurrah!

  6. Classic English deck chair shot!