Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Lyrics from the Divine Comedy

Take the national express when your lifes in a messItll make you smileAll human life is hereFrom the feeble old dear to the screaming childFrom the student who knows that to have one of thoseWould be suicideTo the family manManhandling the pram with paternal prideAnd everybody sings ba ba ba da...Were going where the air is freeOn the national express theres a jolly hostessSelling crisps and teaShell provide you with drinks and theatrical winksFor a sky-high feeMini-skirts were in style when she danced down the aisleBack in 63 (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)But its hard to get by when your arse is the sizeOf a small countryAnd everybody sings ba ba ba da...Were going where the air is freeTomorrow belongs to meWhen youre sad and feeling blueWith nothing better to doDont just sit there feeling stressedTake a trip on the national express


  1. Divine Comedy Tuesday? What a great idea :-)

  2. Yes. It is a good idea. The bus pictured--are those rearview mirrors that stick out like that in front on the sides.

    My Theme Day is of a city unto itself, with its own zip code, and a portrait of the "Peashooter" at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Hope you like flying.

  3. Last time I was in Brighton I saw a snail on the Zebra crossing, I picked him up so he would not get squashed and carried him to the nearest bit of green I could find which was a long way away (got some funny looks on the way but people probably thought I was a French tourist with my packed lunch). Instead of a thank you he just called me a Ba****d because it had taken him two Months to get that far and he was due to meet his uncle at the pier next week.(this is the truth)