Friday, May 04, 2007

Udderbelly, The Brighton Festival

Brighton Festival (the 41st anniversary) is here and with us and starts today.

You may be wondering what the hell is udderbelly? Well, each year one of the venues is temporary theatre that is constructed on the site of Old Steine. In previous years it's been the Spiegeltent but rumour has it that the festival organisers messed up and forgot to book it for this year! (Here's a piccy of the Spiegeltent from this time last year on this blog).

In the shape of a big purple cow (lying on its back) it's been quite impressive watching this structure go up from the window of our office at Spannerworks.

I'm down for a visit as I'm booked in to see Stewart Lee

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  1. I don't quite understand it but the thing I see is purple but see no udder. I guess that is the funny part or the missing part. Anyway, it doesn't matter as it is interesting and the picture is bright as can be. Nice post.