Tuesday, July 03, 2007

No one here....

The recent bad weather I think will have hit our tourism business hard the last month - Brighton has its own economy based on attracting visitors and I fear it would have been affected. People want to head for the sun when the weather's as unreliable has it's been - head for Spain has been the rallying cry......

I'm now fearing the worst for the Big Chill festival which we're attending - and looking at Glasto being a washout doesn't inspire me with confidence :(
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  1. The empty lounge chairs are a good telling of slack economic times.

  2. Good to see the pier am of to spain myself have fun

  3. It seems like your weather is crazy, Dean. It is that way here in America and most believe it is all related to the Global warming. Our president doesn't believe in it or said he didn't. He is not quite right.

    Anyway, I just saw on the news last night that places like Phoenix, Arizona which is used to extreme heat is already experiencing 120 degrees F temperature (48.8 C) and Las Vegas, Nevada is normal at about 100 but is in the same 48.8 C category. Floods in Missouri and Arkansas. Not normal.

    We are cold here in Ohio. This morning it was 13.33 C and is only 17.2 C at the moment. We are dry as a bone in the desert. So I either have to carry water or use a hose to keep things alive for the wildlife to eat.

    Not normal weather anywhere.

    Best Wishes for the Chili festival.

    Abraham Lincoln
    How Flowers Disappear—

  4. a beautiful composition
    Very graphic
    I like

  5. just discovered your blog looking for sthg about brighton....i lived in that city more than 2 years and i really love it...i moved to another country no, to see sthg else, other cultures, and i really do miss a lot brighton!!!from now and then, i'll check your blog everyday just to see a bit of that city where i spent the best days of my life!!!