Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A few short hours ago...

It seems only a few short hours ago when I took this - before the heavens opened - i daren't take out my camera today for fear of it getting soaked through.....torrential rain ALL day resembling a rainy day in November and not barmy August evenings - roll on the holidays.....!
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  1. Mmm very Van Gogh. Lovely. Our rain has just started too. Again. In Tewkesbury. Eek.

  2. Some good-looking hay you have there.

  3. Uh....Oh.....

    I've just posted tomorrow's picture and it looks like a duplicate of yours!

    South Shields Daily Photo

  4. Who wants a holiday we love the rain !

  5. Yes, you all sound like a bunch of no-hopers who have nothing better to do than look at straw. What's the next topic: a rather interesting crack in the pavement?

  6. Looks like vertical crop circles to me ;)

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  8. I always enjoy the fields full of bales of hay.

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