Friday, October 12, 2007

Misty Morning

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  1. Beautiful photo i like the sunset thing you have going on.

  2. MMMM, I like a misty morning shot, up early before going to work, or maybe a day off and up early to rise.

  3. Hi Dean,

    I'll try my best to answer your questions :), so:

    1) Altay and Altai is the same hotel, its e-mail (though, I'm not sure if they ever check this mailbox). Here is their contact information, you may give them a call in the morning.

    2) What I would recommend you to see is: a) definetely walk along the city center, Kremlin and surrounds, there are a lot of nice narrow streets and old buildings; b) Vorob'evy Gory and Moscow University; c) if you're interested in art, do visit Pushkin Museum and Tretyakovskaya Gallery. Your guess about Botanical gardens being near your hotel was correct, you'll have ample of place for a walk. Also, there is Ostankino TV tower nearby, you can come closer if you want.

    3)As for restaurants near your hotel and any kind of clubs, I'm afraid I can't be helpful here but I'm sure you'll get some kind of catalog in the hotel. I can advise you on restaurants in the central and north-west parts of Moscow, if you wish.

    Unfortunately, the weather is going to be nasty next week so make sure you pack enough of warm clothes (and waterproof, too :)).
    Well, if you get any further questions, feel free to ask. Otherwise, have a safe trip and welcome to Moscow!

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  5. Ok, Dean, I'll call to your hotel tomorrow morning and let you know about outcome.