Monday, October 15, 2007

Moscow here we come...

Brighton Daily Photo is taking a vacation until Saturday - we're off to Moscow!!!

My good friend Irina over at Moscow Daily Photo has been an amazing help with places to see and visit and even helped us out with our accommodation booking. THANK YOU IRINA

See you all on Sunday.

Until then.
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  1. Bloggers certainly are wonderful, and Irina went above and beyond. At first I was startled to see St. Basil's Cathedral on your post. You will be entralled by the city. Be sure to visit the wonderful metro. Ask Irina to indicate which one are truly works of art. Have fun!!

  2. Too funny to see this pic on the portal under "Brighton"

  3. Oh, don't make me blush! It was my pleasure to help.

  4. Have a great time,happy snapping too.

  5. I've tagged you! Now you're it!
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    I have enjoyed your blog and now I would like to read 8 things about you.