Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dawn over Brighton's West Pier

I managed to jump off the motorbike and grab this shot on my way in to work this morning of the Sun rising over the West Pier.
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  1. The photograph is very nice. I am even more impressed with your "jumping" off the "motor bike" to take the picture.

    I am impressed that you were able to jump and that you take a motor bike to and from work.

  2. A successful stop, very beautiful colors

    the man seems to take a photograph on the beach

  3. Leave home ten minutes earlier tomorrow. You'll get a better shot. And more work done.........

  4. That's a fabulous shot - and what a view on your way to work! Lovely.

    Glasgow Daily Photo

  5. Thanks "anonymous" the clue was probably in the post....it was "dawn" when I was at work - how early do you wish for me to start?

  6. Hi Dean I wasn't being sarcastic. Just before the sun comes up the colours in the sky are much more intense. And this time of year it shoots up above the horizon just about as fast as your shutter finger works......