Monday, December 03, 2007

going deep...

OK so not the most exciting of photographs from BDP, especially after such a ling period away, but you should've seen how poor the light is here (I AM aware of just how poor this excuse sounds).

So today I bring you some of the diversity found on Portland Rd in Hove, this is the most amazing road - there's this dive shop, a music shop, signwriters, numerous convenience stores, a greek souvenier shop (really there is), cafe's and one or two undertakers.......but can you find a bakers for love or money? No sir - there's your next business venture.
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  1. I like business pictures. It must be an international conspiracy causing the disappearance of bakers:) If you find a good one let me know.

  2. Welcome back.

    Have you still got a butchers and candlestick makers, or have they disappeared too?