Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Beauty and the beast

Like all cities there's the good and the bad - on my way into work this morning I'd walked past the Pavillion with it's nice blue backdrop and then into work where all the litter had been strewn across the road.
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  1. Dean, lovely collage to illustrate your point today!
    Re. the widget you asked about, I clicked on the widget on someone elses' site and followed the instructions. Someone had already submitted my blog to the rating site, but one can do it for themselves.

    As to the sizing of photos, I use Flickr to upload photos to my blog. Flickr sizes photos into small, medium, large, and original sizes. the medium is too small for my tastes and the large won't fit the blog format. The size that works for me for a landscape oriented photo is 480 pixels tall by 720 pixels wide, and for a portrait orientation the reverse, ie. 720 tall by 480 wide (or up to 720 wide for a non standard proportioned photo). I use Blogger to host my blog, so I upload to the blog from Flickr using the "blog this" button. Once my photo and text have uploaded, I go into the HTML view of that post and replace the image code with Flickr's LARGE view code which is 683 tall by 1024 wide, then I do a bit of algebra to convert the photo size to 720 wide. I'm sure this is all as clear as mud. . .This will only work if you are using Flickr and Blogger and have a bit of time to make some calculations and change the HTML code.

  2. Great photos, sums up the rubbish crisis in Brighton. Getting fed up of seeing so much rubbish EVERYWHERE on my walk to work.