Friday, March 21, 2008

West Pier - In Hi Def.

This one in from Dan Goodwin and it's a belter! The West Pier taken and done in Hi-Def - stunning shot - nice one Dan
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  1. Unusual shot. Looks very alien. I didn't know you could get hi def digital cameras? Dan will have to tell us all about it

    Best wishes for a good Easter.

  2. My God, that's so sad. I remember this pier from my childhood when I lived in Hove. Now it's like some alien insect. Incredible photograph - that sky is amazing. Like Gail's Man, I don't understand what Hi-def is either.

  3. Wow, it looks very HG Wells - amazing!

  4. HDR is where a sequence of photos are taken of the same shot - then blended to make sure all the lows and highs of the picture are represented.

  5. Looks like a big weird monster eh?

    I had a serious spot of bother taking my last picture, it was very unpleasant.