Monday, May 12, 2008

Brighton festival

Brighton Festival is now in full swing with venues all across the City hosting weird and wonderful acts, experiences and performances.

One of the venues is the whacking great big upside down purple cow on the Steine - this venue is called Udderbelly.
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  1. Where did you take this pic from? I do find that the Udderbelly is typical Brighton madness and every time I see it I feel sort of proud to live here. I have been for a few outdoor drinks in the bar there this weekend and there is a great vibe with performers walking around in their costumes sometimes. Definitely worth a night-time browse if you find yourself in the area! And it's free to just walk in. Haven't been inside the actual Udderbelly venue though, just in the Udderplace where they had a disco after one of the shows.

  2. pic was taken from our office window just above the RBS Bank

  3. I was there over the weekend and had a fab time. Makes me even more determined to move to Brighton.

  4. See how nice Brighton looks in the sunshine. Thanks for posting this!