Friday, May 02, 2008

Welcome back

I'm afraid i've been kidnapped by the real world recently and my digital life has been on a bit of a pause. However - I'm back (yet another false dawn?).

I'm off walking on the South Downs this weekend so there should be plenty of photo opportunities - which I'll post after the weekend.

This shot was taken in the sunshine of the Royal Pavillion Gardens - there's a chap doing Tai Chi in the foreground and plenty of folks enjoying the sun!
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  1. These must be students on lunch break. Or a lot of adults on holiday. Beautiful photography.

  2. Dean didn't realise you were such a budding photographer!

    Suffering today mate i can tell - would love to be lying down in that grass!



  3. What is it about that Tai Chi guy in the pavilion gardens? You'd think that for an activity like that you would find a nice quiet secluded spot, yet he always seems to position himself where he'll be in view of the most people. Attention seeker!

  4. How about some festival photos?
    Maybe the upside down purple cow would be a good start ;)