Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Long Man of Wilmington

Of historical interest just down the A27 towards Eastbourne is the Long Man of Wilmington who has baffled historians and archaeologists for years. In the late 1800's he was marked out in yellow bricks as before that he could only be seen in light snowfall or on frosty mornings.

During WWII he was painted green to stop enemy pilots from using him as a landmark!

In the late 60's the yellow bricks were replaced with pre-cast concrete by way of further restoration - not quite the chalk carving all the members of my family thought it was.......
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  1. Fantastic shot. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I really like this. He looks like he's standing there with ski poles, looking back at the tracks he's made!

  3. It was a tough photo to get as the light was difficule - thanks to the wonders of photoshop I managed to rescue it!

  4. Reminded me of when the new Simpsons film was advertised: