Sunday, November 16, 2008


Taking one of the rare walks down to our seaside, and practising for a photo-school project on fast shutter speed - caught this wave just breaking!
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  1. Pretty!

    I thought it was some kind of plant in the CDP portal. ;)

  2. Hi Dean

    Thanks so much for leaving a message on my blog. I've been really lazy with my photography lately, but really miss it. I'll get off my behind and sort some out to show you to get your opinion, if that's ok?. I love your site and I miss Brighton. Have you ever photo'd Lancing College? I've tried from different angles at different times and just can't get a decent one?.....

  3. Lancing college is a really difficult one. It's so austere and the light needs to be right. Like you never managed a good one.

    I'd wait until early evening on a sunny day (sun low in sky) as it shines up golden then - sets the brick off well. I'd also suggest a zoom lens and taking it from somewhere like the a27/shoreham airport. Up too close won't capture the grandeur and will be the wrong angle. Silhouette could also be a good option - like this