Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brighton at night

Our next entry is submitted by Sean from Raleigh in the US - and very kind he was too as he's sent through 4 photo's in total, which I hope to put out over this coming week.

Here's what Sean has to say:

"I enjoy BDP very much; I check it regularly while taking breaks at work. I am an American, former serviceman, who was stationed in the UK (Berkshire) for a number of years. I have a very dear friend from Berkshire who now lives in Brighton so I have visited your city a couple of times now.I am attaching 4 photos I took last time I was there (2006). I am by no means a professional photographer... and these photos are not anywhere as nice as your's and the donations you get from photographers. But, I saw your "Desperate call for submissions!" and figured I would send these in hopes that it may help you out while you're slammed at work.Two of the photos were taken at night; I was playing around with nightime settings. The other two are daytime: one of the Juggler Pub that I went to with my friend and the other of a church (you probably know the name of it... I do not) at the end of a road going down to the sea. I did mess around in Photoshop a little with blue filters on the sky in the two daytime photos... to try to get the sky more blue. The nighttime shots I didn't do anything to.Thanks for your work on BDP... it has made a nice diversion for me on many dull afternoons at work. You are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful city! I live in Raleigh, NC... a nice enough city but not nearly as scenic as Brighton.Best regards, Sean"

Well Sean - I certainly think this shot is totally justified and is deserving of a place here on BDP - I love the moon on the sea - the street lights on the left and the way the masts are lit by the road lights. Thank you very much.
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