Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brighton - Down Under!

Here's a pic of Brighton, The only difference is, it’s Brighton in Adelaide, South Australia.

According to my good friend Dean Brazier (who moved there last year) "It’s on my alternative route in to work. Just after turning right at these lights you drive down a hill (and you have THE most fantastic view of Adelaide and its beaches – including Brighton Beach stretching out before you. If you can zoom in – the can see the sign better...

You will also be pleased to note that Hove (SA version) is right next to Brighton as suburbs within Adelaide."

He adds modestly "Not sure if this will qualify for inclusion on your blog – it was taken with my phone, and I’ve zoomed in a little hence quality not so good"

You can catch up with Dean and his family over at his blog site A brief snapshot of life in Oz, from a family of 4 who have just taken the plunge, left the UK and headed for Adelaide in South Australia. Watch as we try to build a new life down under. See the new life unfold with all its new challenges, ups and downs and daily dramas.
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