Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Horsing Around

Today's colourful snap is taken by Franziska, and very grateful I am too for brightening up our day here in rainy Brighton.

She says "A few of my favourite views in/of Brighton attached for your blog if you still need some pictures.

I am out of camera at the moment, I think it spent too much time in Fiji lately and the humidity has affected its ability to focus. Guess I need a new one it's bugging me not being able to take pictures. My phone camera isn't too bad but not great either. "

Thanks again for the post Franziska and we'd be happy to welcome you back to Brighton any time.
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  1. I have noticed that the carousal seems to run clockwise,. Here in the US I see that they run mostly counter clockwise. Nice photo.

  2. Do you know - you're right! I just checked Google images for Carousel's in the US - and they do run anti-clockwise! Weird!