Friday, February 27, 2009

Modern Architecture

Photography in Brighton can be as exciting or as dull as you make it! Depending on your viewpoint I'll let you make an assessment of this one. I don't usually do many people, I'd love to do some portrait in the coming weeks. I just loved the lines of this building which faces out to sea on the way to Brighton Marina.
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  1. I agree it's how you interpret it. I like it, but then I like coastal white building.

  2. I usualy pass the van allen on my way to the bars. Some days I love it, for it's lines, for it's sleekness and for being different. Yet in some light I hate it because it's so different. Today is a love day!

  3. In the original proposals for this building the balcony fronts were solid and the effect was very heavy. The Brighton Society commented about this and the plans were modified with the result you see here.