Saturday, February 28, 2009

Volks Electric Railway - Brighton Photo

Taken from the Volks Website:

" Opened in 1883, Volk's Electric Railway is the 'world's oldest operating electric railway'. The brainchild of inventor Magnus Volk the railway runs for just over a mile along Brighton seafront between Aquarium (for Brighton Pier) and Black Rock (for the Marina). Although operated by Brighton & Hove City Council the railway has a dedicated supporters group, the Volk's Electric Railway Association (VERA) that provides active assistance to the railway's full time staff and a forum for the collection of Volk's artefacts and ephemera."

It usually is closed in the winter months - open in time for Easter. Just another of Brighton's character quirks.
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  1. VERA have an exhibition case in the Heritage Centre at Southdown Nurseries, Hassocks. Lots of interesting artefacts and ephemera can be seen there. They really ought to be in Brighton though.