Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hove dodgy nightclubbing!

Out in the stix (Hove actually) a little is Babylon Lounge only ever used by me for a cold cider on a Summer evening - but apparently it goes all year round!
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  1. Hello Brighton, wanted to say Hi as Brighton is my home town and now I live (and photo blog) in Bath and have been for 15 years. Also lived in Hove near the now demolished Sackville Hotel.. back in the day!

  2. Babylon is a language student nightclub, language school give out free entry passes and they get a shot of tequila on entry. Classy.

  3. I misread the title at the start, Hove Doging Clubbing I thought it said, which is a low as it gets.

    They still have adonis (yeah sure - maybe in their own dreams) cabert there sometimes. Vile!