Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jamie's Italian

With a bit of a fanfare Jamies Italian and the new Black Lion Street development was officially opened yesterday by the Mayor of Brighton and ably assisted by Jamie Oliver's right hand man Gennaro Contaldo. (Pictured here being interviewed by Laura Hampton from the BBC). The street features offices above the restaurant occupied by the wonderful iCrossing.
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  1. Not knowing who any of those people are, I can still tell it is a nice piece of photojournalism, and a good picture. Was that being videotaped or just audio recorded for radio?

  2. It was for radio. Jamie Oliver is a bit of a tv chef celeb in the UK - and that's about all.

  3. I do LOVE Jamie. HE is truly fantastic. Maybe I will pay his restaurant a visit when I visit Brighton in May!!!!

  4. how very italian,you can see the accents. I have just discovered you and added you to my links,

    if you want to appear in the photosection just let me know.