Friday, September 18, 2009

Red Arrows Display over Brighton 18th Sept 09

Wow - what can I say - we were treated to an amazing Red Arrows Air Display over Brighton today. Virtually unannounced (thought to be part of the White Air Festival) the incredible Red Arrows display team rocked and totally amazed those watching. People came out of offices, watched from rooftops and the world seemed to stop for the 10-15 minute display. Awesome.

This picture was taken by Magico Martinez - as there was a BDP fail - I didn't have my camera. Thanks Magico. As I get more pics they'll follow.

(Since posting this at 11.55 today here's some more pictures courtesy of Antony Mayfield and The Argus)

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  1. I remember years ago standing on the roof of Barclays Bank in North St to watch the display (then part of Brighton Lions carnival) and see the planes disappear down West Street below the height of the buildings. Incredible.

  2. Does anybody know if they are coming over brighton again tomorrow? My little nephew would love to see them. Thank you

  3. SOrry Charlie - just looked at their website.

    Looks like they're otherwise engaged tomorrow

  4. We saw them when we drove into Brighton on Friday, they were amazing! Too quick for me to get my camera out of my handbag and take a picture of them. I would have thought they'd "perform" again for the speed festival the following day, but I guess not.