Monday, November 02, 2009

BDP is in Athens

On a short work trip. Back Weds.
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  1. say hello to my homeland :)

  2. Take some time out for a bit of fun

  3. Anything you need, send me a mail...
    Sorry for the heavy raining these days... Maybe Athens looks like Brighton now!

  4. On Ermou street, on the end to the side of Monastiraki square, you can eat perfect meat-stuff in "Thanasis".

    I have been to Brighton once and the second thing (*)I still remember (after 30 years) is fish and chips, so I thought I should recomend an unforgetable Greek plate!

    (*) The first thing I remember is the sea-vast and dark blue, and those buildings inside the sea, on the sea-shore.

  5. Thanks for the Tips ADP. Leaving tomorrow sadly - what a rainstorm today! Have really enjoyed your city.