Monday, November 09, 2009


So late in getting this to the site - and many apols. But here's some pics taken from the celebrations over at Lewes on bonfire night last week.

Sorry for the .lag but i couldn't resist putting this one up.

more pics over at Brighton Daily Photo extra
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  1. So, what's going on exactly? I always thought of a bonfire as a huge burning pile of logs, sticks, brush, etc.

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  3. Wow this one is more like a pagan easter festivl than guy fawkes

  4. Hi! Nice pics! I am also doing a blog on Brighton but in French. I will make a link to your blog. If you have anything against it, just leave me a message on my blog.

    Cheers and thanks for the pics!

  5. Leif - it's a torchlit procession through the town of Lewes before going on to the the many bonfire sites scattered around the village.

    Sebastien - thanks for the link - much appreciated.

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