Monday, November 30, 2009

So gloomy

It's just not worth venturing outside at the moment, If I didn't know better I'd volunteer to go rounding up animals two-by-two - it hasn't stopped raining for what seems like WEEKS!

So instead - I was mucking around in photoshop over the weekend - I thought I'd post a pic of my wonderful daughter looking at fairies.

Just to bring a smile during these gloomy days.
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  1. It was harder in the old days...

  2. She is cute, and the photo is very nice!:-)

  3. my wife just said can you come and take one of our daughter withthe fairies, just 12,000 miles to take the pic.

  4. You see Dean, it's not just my airfare - you've got to cover the Fairies too!

    Hope you're all good in OZ and ready for Xmas.

    Best wishes

  5. What a totally charming picture! It's the first time I've seen real fairies in a photo, your daughter must have been very good for them to stay long enough for a photo-shoot!
    And what a little charmer she is too!