Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crisp morning, crisp lines

Any guesses as to which building in Brighton this is?
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  1. Or perhaps the cultural centre, if you have one of those?

  2. I haven't been to Brighton for a while. I was tempted to jump on a train and visit the beach huts one night after work, but they finish at 6.30 :(

    Thanks for your comment. I haven't really had much to say and have been ill and feeling sorry for myself

    Hope all is good with you!

  3. Yup it's the library! Nice one "i"!

    TLC sending you hugs..... x

  4. yay!
    thanks for the blog, when I was away from Bton I was checking your blog on a daily basis :)

  5. "i" That's just brillian - I've had quite a few ex-pats come on to the site - to get their Brighton "fix"