Sunday, January 10, 2010

The last of the snow?

In spite of soothsayers and weathermen, the big snowfall didn't arrive over the weekend here in Brighton :(

So instead, it seemed, every family in Brighton and Hove was seeking to eek out the last very morsel of value from the snowy conditions.

Us included.

Hove park was packed with sledges, surf boarders, bin-liners, snow boarders etc etc.

Great stuff!

Doesn't feel like the New Year's begun yet does it? Where's the drudgery, miserable faced gloom?

(Long may it continue)
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  1. What a memory maker. The sled riding looks like fun. Your child will remember this moment forever. All the best from Greensboro, NC, USA.

  2. It's great fun to get outside for a little winter fun! I finally got out ice-skating just this afternoon with our daughters! Wahoo!