Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Snow day #2 Brighton January 2010

The day started with just a few centimetres of snow which quickly turned to sludge - however that didn't stop Brighton bus services all being withdrawn (which meant a 4 mile walk into work!). I mean really - it was just a few centimetres (are we getting worse at dealing with snow).

That said - at the time of writing it's still snowing here in Brighton (10.15am 6th Jan 2010). This really is quite unusual for the south coast as we miss the bad weather - those up north get the brunt.
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  1. Great wintery, snowy collage! I'm very grateful for my little 3 mile commute into my office!

  2. I had occasion to call out an ambulance at lunch time to an address in Patcham. Even the 4-wheel-drive ambulance couldn't get through. So although the town centre might be relatively clear of snow and ice, it's a bit different in Patcham, Westdene, Hollingbury etc.