Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brighton Marathon an amazing day!

Well I'm delighted to say that I finished the inaugural Brighton Marathon - I aimed for 6.30hrs and did it - just.

A simply amazing day for the city - over 80,000 specators turned out to watch 7500 runners compete in the glorious sunshine.

My knee gave up on me about 9miles in so it was super hard after that. Switching bandage from my left knee to the right proved inspirational and let me continue.

I'm really please to have raised some money for Chestnut Tree House and still the fundraising continues over at my Just Giving page where I've raised close to £1200.

You can see pics and a report from the marathon here and here

One of the things that spurred me - and it's funny (to me anyway)

Back in February I ran a 10km run - on the last 1km someone pointed out that a runner dressed in fancy dress was catching me up, he was a chap called Darren Lodge, dressed as Mr Testicle raising money for Male Testicular Cancer. I put in a last spurt of energy and beat him across the line (wouldn't want to be beaten by a bollock!) only to find out later that he had beaten me on my chip time. Doh!

Who should I run into on the Marathon - you bet, Mr Testicle. He's the reason why I ran faster in the the 2nd 13miles than the first!

I did manage to talk to him en-route and gave him encouragement - but then I pulled away - and all the while he was just behind me.....my Nemesis - Mr Testicle.

I did manage to beat him (just!) here's his Mr Testicles Report. Darren Lodge is also collecting via his mr testicles justgiving page

Just to prove that I beat him here's his chip time and my chip time - I know it's not a significant feat - but I think it's funny and I wish him all the luck with this fundraising too.

What an amazing day - thanks to ALL the people that cheered me on around the course and of course to my beautiful family who ALL came out in force - stood around for hours, painted banners and looked after me. Not least of course my amazing wife Sarah who has been mentoring me and supporting me - I love you dearly. This was for you and Chestnut. X.
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  1. Mr. Testicle... LOL, yes, we saw him, too. A kid next to us asked if this was a potato running along and another one said, "no, it's an onion, you stupid!"

    Well done Dean and indeed it was an amzing day! I was glad that so many runners had their name on their shirt (we counted quite a few Grahams), it made it easy for us to cheer them on!

  2. Well done on finishing and raising all that money :o)

  3. Rock on Deano, rock on! Congrats!